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As the performance of commercial vehicles improves, so they become more complex. A WABCO electronic control unit (ECU) is a vital part of an electrical or electronic system’s architecture, designed and manufactured to the highest standards. And the best way to test and inspect this performance is with a WABCO-approved diagnostic tool.

WABCO’s Diagnostic Solution

  • A reliable software tool with a bespoke design, specifically developed for use with WABCO systems.
  • A wide-ranging diagnostic interface designed to work with every commercially available WABCO system.
  • A trusted product that has been on the market for over two decades and is used by over 30,000 WABCO customers.
  • A tool that includes End-Of-Line procedures for retrofit and vehicle technology updates.

The Right Tool for the Job

In addition to the proper training and experience, the right tools are vital to ensure safe adjustments, repairs, part replacement and configuration of special vehicle functions. An original WABCO System Diagnostic tool is the best equipment for testing and inspecting WABCO systems. It is available either as a standalone diagnostic solution or integrated into WABCOWÜRTH W.EASY diagnostics.

Original WABCO Diagnostic Software is available from

Why Choose WABCO Diagnostics?

Only WABCO-approved diagnostic tools are suitable for safety testing and inspecting WABCO systems. We are aware of unauthorised, unapproved third-party diagnostic tools being used to access WABCO systems and special functions. The use of these tools poses a high risk of damage to WABCO systems, and we note several recent instances which have caused irreversible damage to the ECU.

The use of unauthorised diagnostic tools voids the ECU warranty. To keep our customers safe, we interrogate damaged ECUs to detect the data fingerprint of non-certified diagnostic tools.

Product Training

The growing complexity of electronic systems in commercial vehicles requires suitable technical knowledge on the part of authorised workshops and spare parts vendors. WABCO Academy delivers this knowledge, offering training courses, ongoing tuition and consultancy.

Visit the website and sign up today for a training course in your area: