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Overcome blind spot issues for trailers with TailGUARD™ from WABCO. Cut down on the risk of accidents and trailer damage for your fleet.

While road safety generally improves for fleets each year as managers get a better grip on safety procedures and solutions through innovation, one problem has always been hard to tackle – the blind spot. For truck drivers with a large trailer behind them, this issue is even more acute, due to the sheer size of the vehicle and trailer making visibility difficult.

The blind spot can contribute to accidents, leading to damage to trailers and cargo – and it isn’t always the driver’s fault. Adverse weather and the behaviour of other road users can have an impact too, and accidents can be expensive, damaging trailers, cargo, loading docks and your reputation. That’s where TailGUARD™ from WABCO comes into play.

TailGUARD™ will help fleet managers slash vehicle downtime, expensive repairs and damage to unloading facilities.

TailGUARD™ for trailers

TailGUARD™ was developed as a rear blind-spot detection system for use with trailers as part of WABCO’s Intelligent Trailer Program. Whether the object is moving or static – the function kicks in the moment the driver shifts into reverse, alerting the driver to hazards behind the vehicle and automatically stopping it.

You can pre-set the distance to make sure drivers have plenty of room to manoeuvre while keeping safe. If the trailer gets too close to a hazard behind the vehicle, it will brake automatically, which provides a huge help in avoiding collisions with unseen objects.

Features of TailGUARD™

TailGUARD has numerous applications that make it essential for fleet managers. The braking range kicks in at a programmable pre-set between 50 cm and 2 m away from objects and walls, using ultrasonic sensors that measure the distance from the trailer to nearby objects. Unlike cameras, which can deliver low quality images or freeze at night and during low visibility, these sensors continue to work effectively in such conditions.

In addition, it tells drivers to reverse at a safe speed by pulsing the brakes if the reversing speed exceeds 9km/h. If you combine it with WABCO OptiLink, the distance to objects will be displayed accurately to the driver in the cab, complete with both a visual and acoustic warning when the trailer approaches an object. On top of this, TailGUARD™ can be retrofitted too, making it an inexpensive boost to fleet safety.

How will TailGUARD™ help my fleet?

Keeping trucks and trailers safe is at the core of what every fleet manager needs to do. Not only do you want to protect your drivers from accidents, you also want to ensure your trailers don’t sustain damage, both externally and to the cargo within.

TailGUARD™ will help fleet managers slash:

  • Vehicle downtime
  • Expensive repairs
  • Damage to unloading facilities

It will also enable you to maintain customer satisfaction levels by delivering on time and having vehicles on the road that haven’t been unnecessarily damaged. This ensures safety on your own and your customers’ premises when vehicles reverse and unload – especially important when delivering to supermarkets. It goes without saying that it will keep your drivers and other road users safer too, an important stakeholder factor to consider during a time of driver scarcity.

Whether the object is moving or static – the function kicks in the moment the driver shifts into reverse, alerting the driver to hazards behind the vehicle and automatically stopping it.

Invest in TailGUARD™ as a key component of running a safer and more efficient fleet. TailGUARD™ is also available for trucks – contact WABCO for further details.

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