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Reduce accidents with automatic brake light flashing. Warn surrounding traffic of road incidents and sudden slowdown with WABCO's Emergency Brake Alert.

Every road journey includes a range of potential dangers for all vehicles. When your fleet is travelling hundreds or thousands of kilometres each day, the risks of causing or being involved in an accident add up. Considering all safety aspects of your trucks and trailers is key for fleet managers to mitigate risk. 

Emergency Brake Alert Provides an Important Safety Feature for Organisations

Traffic-heavy roads during rush hour and additional problems, such as road maintenance, can cause unpredictable traffic behaviour and more difficult driving conditions. Situations where drivers have to brake heavily can result in unexpected collisions. This is where advanced safety tools such as WABCO’s Emergency Brake Alert offer a safe solution.

Emergency Brake Alert for trailers

Emergency Brake Alert provides an important safety feature for organisations aiming to reduce external dangers due to the actions of other road users. The emergency brake alert warns surrounding traffic when emergency or heavy braking is taking place. Brake lights start flashing automatically, which act as an immediate warning to traffic other vehicles directly behind and nearby.

Emergency Brake Alert can help reduce accidents through effective warning of surrounding traffic. Once alerted to a potential emergency up ahead, other drivers and vehicles have a greater chance to respond to the situation earlier than they might have done without the warning, potentially avoiding a serious collision. It can help prevent damage to the trailer and surrounding vehicles, reducing the amount and degree of injuries caused by rear-end collisions that can occur with heavy braking.

Addressing safety issues in your fleet will deliver long-term benefits. Implementing Emergency Brake Alert, one of the many tools in WABCO’s Intelligent Driver Program, can also improve the driver’s experience. This advanced safety feature, and others such as TailGuardTM and OptiTurnTM, can help raise driver performance and lead to a safer fleet.

Emergency Brake Alert features

Emergency Brake Alert adds an extra level of safety to every kilometre travelled, without being a significant investment. The flashing brake lights are an immediate and urgent warning to any vehicles travelling behind and to the side, improving their response time to accidents and slowdown.

WABCO’s Emergency Brake Alert is automatically activated if the Trailer EBS detects that the anti-lock braking system (ABS) is engaged at vehicle speeds of more than 50km/h or when the vehicle is decelerating at a rate greater than 4m/s². To increase alert visibility, additional lights such as a third braking light can also be added. The main features and benefits of Emergency Brake Alert include:

  • Alert surrounding traffic during emergency braking by automatic flashing brake lights
  • Automatically activated if the Trailer EBS E detects certain parameters
  • Additional lights can be mounted to increase alert visibility
  • Helps to reduce accidents by warning surrounding traffic of an emergency situation and heavy braking
  • Prevents damage to trailers and surrounding vehicles
  • Can reduce the amount and degree of injuries caused by rear-end collisions due to heavy braking

Invest in Emergency Brake Alert to reduce the chance of accidents and avoid associated damage, costs and injuries. This advanced tool is the ideal solution to increase driver effectiveness and improve safety levels across your fleet.