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Lock down your trailers and cargo with Trailer Immobilizer from WABCO. Discover more about the smart solution for upgrading your fleet locks and security.

Trailer theft is a concern for fleet managers for two reasons. Firstly, it can leave your operation counting the financial cost of replacing a stolen trailer and result in vehicle downtime, impacting other jobs. Secondly, it will result in the loss of any cargo the trailer was carrying at the time, leading to dissatisfied customers and the costs of replacing lost goods.

As there are many elements that affect trailer security – both internal and external – fleet managers need to minimise the opportunities for theft to keep the cargo as secure as possible. Traditionally, kingpin locks have been the solution for this, but they are limited in both terms of security and feature. Instead, WABCO Trailer Immobilizer is an innovative and modern solution that’s much more secure, efficient and simple to use.

Trailer Immobilizersignificantly improves the security of your fleet.

How does the WABCO Trailer Immobilizer work?

Adding layers of security to trucks and trailers usually involves introducing layers of complexity too. That’s not the case with Trailer Immobilizer. This elegant system not only significantly improves the security of your fleet, it does so without making things difficult.

When considering the best vehicle security system for your fleet, it’s crucial to select solutions that improve your performance without impacting efficiency.

It works by letting the driver enter a unique four-digit PIN that immediately locks the trailer’s spring brake actuators, effectively immobilizing it immediately. Once activated, the trailer can’t be moved, or the system interfered with, without an alarm being triggered. The alarm only works when the trailer is coupled, which lowers the risk of the trailer being stolen. When the driver wishes to move, they simply enter the PIN code again to get back on the road without complex processes and delays.

Features of Trailer Immobilizer

  • Trailer Immobilizer doesn’t just do away with kingpin locks for the sake of it. It’s a more comprehensive vehicle security system that’s far less convoluted, messy and doesn’t result in greasy fingers.
  • It’s integrated with the WABCO Trailer Electronic Braking System and can be retrofitted to most trailers. For added convenience, everything can be done remotely from a handheld device. The driver simply enters a four-digit code directly on a mobile phone using OptiLink™, or via the WABCO SmartBoard on the trailer.
  • In addition to boosting security, the product also helps with compliance requirements – Trailer Immobilizer will help your fleet to comply with TAPA requirements – the Transported Asset Protection Association.

Benefits of Trailer Immobilizer

When considering the best vehicle security system for your fleet, it’s crucial to select solutions that improve your performance without impacting efficiency. Trailer Immobilizer ticks all these boxes, with ease of use combining with a large improvement in trailer security.

The fact that drivers can operate the immobilizer from the cabin with OptiLink™ also enhances their safety too – they don’t have to step outside to secure the trailer and cargo. The unique four-digit PIN has another facet too – it’s trailer-specific, meaning that the trailer won’t move if the correct PIN isn’t entered. That will reduce incidents of drivers accidentally picking up the wrong trailer – another efficiency win that will help with punctuality. Employ Trailer Immobilizer in your fleet to improve cargo safety.