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Invest in your drivers and give your business a boost with the Top Driver Training Program from WABCO Academy. Discover more about the available modules.

Technology and digitisation are having a greater impact on fleets, allowing managers to have more control over performance, costs and productivity. Currently, one element that hasn’t been digitised are the drivers. They have a huge role to play in a successful fleet, responsible for whether deliveries arrive on time and intact. Drivers need to be performing at optimal levels to have the best possible impact, which is why training can be an invaluable prospect.

As a fleet manager, you might feel you don’t have as much influence on the drivers as you do on trucks and trailers. The right training courses can enable your team to develop and make some significant improvements in specific areas.

Given the right guidance, the Top Driver Training Program from WABCO Academy can help them to drive more efficiently – saving fuel and cutting carbon emissions, improving safety and performance, boosting security and customer satisfaction.

What is the Top Driver Training Program?

The Top Driver Training Program forms part of the WABCO Academy, which covers a wide range of learning opportunities for drivers. When it comes to evolving and continually developing the driving culture of your company, it’s the perfect place to start. Drivers receive personalised coaching and training in the latest best-practice techniques, as well as learning how to use modern tools and technology.

In addition to improving their skills – with all the benefits this can bring to your company – it also shows your drivers that they are valued employees you are willing to invest in. This is a great way to boost retention, which is highly important during times of driver scarcity.

Top Driver Training features

A comprehensive truck driver training program, Top Driver covers an array of important subjects. These include:

  • Vehicle technology
  • Load securing
  • Economical driving
  • Haulage regulations
  • Safe driving
  • Image carriers

Together, it forms a well-rounded training program that gives your drivers all the skills and knowledge they need to be a success out on the road.

Opt for the complete package to give your drivers access to all the available modules, or pick and choose those that best suit the needs of your fleet. We can provide customised packages designed to meet your business needs and focus on desired areas.

The available training differs from country to country, with more information found in our specific training catalogues. These contain lots more detail so you can research which parts of the syllabus are best for you. The training catalogues also include dates and prices.

In addition to the Top Driver Training Program, WABCO Academy runs a wide range of product and business training courses in other locations, as well as free e-learning opportunities. These offer effective ways to invest in your employees’ skills at a time that suits them, giving your business a competitive advantage.