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At WABCO, we don’t believe a better truck needs to be a more complicated truck… but the fact remains providing commercial vehicles with greater safety, efficiency and comfort, requires an increasing level of technical sophistication.

The WABCO Truck Training Model ensures mechanic and technicians studying in the classroom have hands-on access to the latest truck technology for the best learning experience.

The 408kg reduced-scale model is an intuitive introduction so WABCO’s most popular truck technologies. It features the latest EBS3 braking module, with ABS configuration; our electronically-controlled air suspension (ECAS) system; a lifting axle control valve, operating a liftable and lowerable lifting axle; and a targeted fault simulation system.

The unit also features a fully functional lighting system, quick release fasteners for line replacement, LED fault locators, and control switches in the model cab. It also comes with WABCO’s ECAS remote control unit.

The Right Tool for the Job

Truck maintenance is changing. The WABCO Truck Training Model is the best training tool available for ensuring new mechanics, and those in need of a refresher course, get the most comprehensive learning experience possible. They will use state-of-the-art vehicle technology and have access to the full suite of diagnostic tools they would have in a well-equipped workshop. The hands-on learning programme itself is far more satisfying than being immersed in literature.

WABCO’s Truck Training Model is a precision-engineered training aid – this isn’t a case of fitting real parts to a toy chassis. WABCO have worked in conjunction with expert engineering partners to develop the bespoke chassis design, ensuring safe operation, portability, ease of transport and convenience.

For the sake of simplicity, the system operates off 230 V mains power and is sufficiently compact to by transported in a van. It will fit into any classroom, workshop or training room environment. It is designed to operate either as a standalone module or in conjunction with WABCO’s very popular Trailer Training Module.

A Name You Can Trust

WABCO products built today are backed by over 150 years of engineering excellence. Our training systems have been in the classroom for 60 years, equipping generations of mechanics with the skills they need to keep the world’s commercial vehicles moving. All of that experience has been poured into the creation of the truck training model on offer today. It allows us to say with confidence this is the most advanced, most realistic, most useful tool for training truck mechanics anywhere in the world.