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Take your fleet performance to the next level.

Take your fleet safety to the next level

Are your trucks and drivers safe this winter? Is your cargo protected? Do you have an overview of where your assets are at any time? From boosting fleet safety, compliance and customer services to cutting costs and fleet downtime: a connected fleet is crucial to help you power up all your fleet operations. Read More »

Power Up your fleet with WABCO's advanced automation solutions. See it, manage it and deliver the next level of service to your customer today!

Reduce your fleet downtime

From suspension, transmission and engine failures to braking or steering issues: mechanical failures play a significant role in road accidents and the onset of winter makes this even more challenging. So, how do you keep your drivers, cargo, fleet and other road users safe – while also avoiding fleet downtime? Discover the power of remote diagnostics thanks to WABCO’s advanced Fleet Management Systems and leading IoT solutions. We help you remotely diagnose your trailers, and pinpoint issues before they become a real problem – so that you can quickly take action to ensure road safety and keep your fleet up and running. Read More »

WABCO’s advanced Fleet Management Systems and leading IoT solutions help you to remotely diagnose your trucks and trailers.

Boost your fuel efficiency

Fuel consumption is one of your biggest operating costs. Improve fuel efficiency to cut costs and reduce CO2 emissions, by integrating our advanced, IoT-based fuel usage reporting, planning and optimization solutions. More than that, WABCO’s state-of-the-art Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) will also help you optimize fuel usage by reducing tire wear and helping to keep your trucks safe during the tough winter months. Read More »

Servicing your customers with the quickest turnaround times on any product inquiry at hand and in efficient way is crucial.

Put fleet safety at the heart of your operations

Sure, your mission is to ensure swift, reliable transport services. Yet transport companies should always put safety first – for their drivers, fleet and other road users. WABCO’s end-to-end solutions, such as driver assistance technology, driver training and advanced safety systems help you putting safety at the heart of everything you do this winter season. Read More »