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Advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Trailers

Advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System available as OE product and retrofit solution

OptiTire™ is WABCO’s retrofittable advanced tire pressure monitoring system for trailers, enhancing safety and operational efficiency for the widest range of commercial vehicles and all rim sizes.

Monitoring tire pressure is essential to maximise fleet efficiency. On the face of it, tire pressure may seem like a low priority issue, but in practice, underinflated tires can cause a number of serious issues – both in terms of truck and trailer damage and safety.

According to Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine, incorrectly inflated tires are the cause of over half of all roadside breakdowns. On top of that, underinflated tires can lead to blowouts, which not only cause damage to the vehicle, but can also lead to safety issues, with drivers losing control of their trucks, often resulting in accidents.

Whatever the reason, having vehicles off the road is far from ideal. Fewer active vehicles means delays to deliveries and a stretched supply chain. There are also additional costs to consider, as incorrectly inflated tires can lead to fuel-inefficient journeys and greater fleet running costs, as well as reducing the life of your tires. Solutions that monitor tire pressure, such as WABCO OptiTire™, are essential for all fleet managers to avoid these issues.

OptiTire™ tire pressure monitoring system

OptiTire™ is the next generation of tire pressure monitoring solutions, built for the busy fleet manager who wants to ensure their trucks’ and trailers’ tires are in prime condition. The innovative system monitors pressure across your fleet and lets you know where tire pressure issues need to be addressed, alerting you to punctures, early leakage and quick fixes alike.

Key Facts

Improves Efficiency

Helps maximize uptime, tire life and fuel efficiency.

Enhances Safety

Helps prevent accidents caused by tire issues.

Direct fit or Retrofit

Available as OE and Retrofit Solution

Compliant Solution

Fulfills European General Safety Regulation UN ECE-R 141*

* Our system is compliant with UN ECE-R 141 to fulfill European General Safety Regulation [Requires connection with an ECE-R 141-compliant trailer electronic braking system for trailer applications: TEBS-E6.5 or higher in case of ZF trailer EBS].

Your Benefits

  • Enables up to 2% fuel savings and CO2 emission reduction
  • Helps to optimize tire life and operational costs
  • Helps quickly detection of tire deflation
  • Enhances vehicle and road safety by helping avoid tire blowouts
  • Supports maximum vehicle uptime and delivery reliability by helping prevent vehicle breakdowns
  • Telematics connectivity enables real-time fleet alerts [requires ECE-R 141-compliant telematics unit]

By ensuring optimal tire pressure across your fleet, it means you won’t have to invest in as many replacement tires, and your vehicles will be off the road for less time. Tires can be one of the largest ongoing maintenance costs for commercial vehicle fleets, so reducing this in any possible way will be beneficial in the long run.


  • Leverages tire pressure and temperature information to provide precise tire monitoring​
  • Compliant with UN ECE-R 141 to fulfill European General Safety Regulation [requires connection with ZF TEBS-E6.5 or higher for trailer applications or other ECE-R 141-compliant trailer electronic braking system]​
  • Can alert driver to pressure loss via truck dashboard, ZF´s OptiLink™ smartphone app or SmartBoard trailer monitoring panel​
  • Offers a choice of internal strap- or valve-mounted sensor installation​
  • Any type of sensor can be applied to any Trailer according to customer preference
  • Can monitor up to 8 axles or 20 rolling wheels, whatever comes first, plus two spare wheels per OptiTire Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
  • Enables range extension with additional OptiTire ECUs
  • Interfaces with ZF’s SCALAR trailer telematics solutions, the next generation of fleet management with SCALAR EVO Pulse and TX-TRAILERFIT
  • Trailer iEBS Standard and Premium variants with integrated OptiTire ECU save installation and cabling effort​
  • Easy to install and retrofit​

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