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+   Field Service Team Plays Key Role in Providing Exceptional Customer Support

Field Service Team

To become a leading supplier of braking control systems, it takes more than just a portfolio of top-quality products. From ZF’s perspective, that’s only part of the picture. Equally important is customer service. And one of the reasons why ZF’s service experience is second to none is the unparalleled work of our Field Service Team.

Tasked with providing a wide range of services including training, problem solving and diagnostic support, to name a few, the group is directed by Chuck Brodie, Field Service Team Leader, ZF CVCS. “While my team is responsible for a number of service-oriented activities, our primary mission is to support our promise to serve as our customers’ partner in uptime,” explained Brodie. “For example, if a truck goes to a dealer for service and the technicians are having difficulty diagnosing the problem, or if there’s an issue that might need to be addressed by engineering, the WABCO Customer Care Center will notify my team and we’ll become involved. In many cases, we can solve the issue within my department.”

The team Brodie refers to is a seven-person crew that’s strategically located to serve customers throughout North America. Collectively, the team has over 100 years of industry experience. But even more notable is the fact that each member carries a commercial driver’s license (CDL), which enables these experts to conduct product demonstrations, provide field training and diagnose vehicle issues. “This is a major advantage across the industry,” said Brodie. “Let’s say we’re addressing a driver’s concern about a specific system or technology. In addition to having the driver explain the issue, we can actually experience it. This helps us expedite a solution and minimize the vehicle’s downtime.”

A recent real-world example of the Field Service Team in action involved an inoperative traction control on a customer vehicle. After placing a data logger on the truck and analyzing the information, the team was able to identify a communication issue on one of the vehicle manufacturer’s components. Upon presenting their findings to the manufacturer and pinpointing the specific problem, the manufacturer promptly issued a software modification for their component to correct the issue.

By getting straight to the issue and quickly diagnosing the problem, the WABCO Field Service Team streamlined the solution and put the customer’s vehicle back where it belongs—on the road.

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