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+  New Three-part Blog Series Outlines the Benefits of Air Disc Brakes over Traditional Drum Brakes

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Air disc brakes (ADBs) are the future of braking. To help fleets understand the various benefits of ADB over traditional drum brakes, ZF has authored a three-part blog series. Readers will discover the many advantages of WABCO MAXXUS™ 2.0 ADBs, such as fast and easy maintenance, extended service intervals and innovations that include fewer moving parts, lighter weight, and high reliability—all of which are engineered to increase vehicle uptime.

The first blog, titled “Stop! Let’s Compare Performance,” explores the benefits of MAXXUS 2.0 ADBs with respect to stopping distance. Its single-piston design makes it the lightest truck ADB on the North American market, while offering comparable output force to the double-piston technology common in drum brakes. The result is better heat management, which can promote longer brake life, less grab and pull, greater stopping power and a 10% shorter stopping distance than the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirement.

The second blog, titled “On the Road: The Real-World Advantages of Air Disc Brakes vs. Drum Brakes,” explores the on-the-road benefits of ADBs over drum brakes in the key areas of safety, brake lifecycle and driver comfort and confidence.

Last but not least, blog three, titled “Put to the Test: MAXXUS™ 2.0 – A ‘Real-Road’ Field Test Demonstrating Durability, Reliability” examines how the positive results of an ongoing field test of MAXXUS 2.0 ADB translate to the reality of miles driven on the highway. Preliminary highlights indicate that ZF ADB technology—especially when compared to traditional drum brakes—offers all the advantages fleets need on the real road.


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+  Aftermarket Support Web Page Highlights ZF CVCS’s Extensive Product and Service Portfolio

ZF CVCS offers our fleet, distributor, workshop and OE service provider customers a comprehensive aftermarket product and service platform designed to maximize vehicle uptime and reduce cost-per-mile at every stage of the service lifecycle. To provide convenient access to the services offered within this platform, we’ve developed an Aftermarket Support web page.

This “one-stop shop” includes links to our full range of leading-edge business tools and technical support resources—including our WABCO Customer Care Center, TOOLBOX PLUS™ diagnostic software, WABCO Literature Center and warranty claim processing tools, just to name a few.

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