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Explaining the basics–from benefits to requirements–of WABCO Aftermarket Programming.

WABCO Aftermarket Programming is a valuable process that allows users to quickly and effectively program WABCO truck anti-lock braking system (ABS) Electronic Control Units (ECUs) in service using the OEM’s configuration file. This helps reduce inventory and downtime to a few hours versus ordering a fully programmed ECU.   

Aftermarket Programming lets you program most WABCO pneumatic and SmartTrac hydraulic ABS ECUs on demand, and WABCO OnLaneALERT lane departure warning cameras for Navistar vehicles.   

For customers, uptime and getting vehicles back on the road as soon as possible is key, and this process really solves the issue of downtime, potentially reducing it from a matter of days to a few hours.

The most significant advantage it offers users is the ability to save hours of time. For customers, uptime and getting vehicles back on the road as soon as possible is key, and this process really solves the issue of downtime, reducing it from a matter of days to a few hours. Ordering a programmable ECU can takes days to arrive, but with Aftermarket Programming, users can program a programmable ECU from start to finish in just a few hours.

Who Can Perform Aftermarket Programming?

Aftermarket Programming can be performed by WABCO truck/tractor repair shops, commercial vehicle technicians, and distributors.

How Does it Benefit Users?

Reduced Downtime

You can reduce vehicle downtime from several days to a few hours or less by using vehicle-specific, WABCO programmable ECUs.

Minimized Inventory

You can reduce the amount of ECU part numbers you stock by stocking programmable ECUs, because a small number of base units cover most applications.

Quicker Configuration

By configuring replacement ECUs for WABCO truck ABS as soon as you need to, you’ll be able to program and ship ECUs to customers anywhere, on demand.

No Vehicle Needed

Program vehicles remotely versus directly on the vehicle by using the bench programming unit.

What are the Requirements?

Besides an ABS ECU, diagnostic tool, vehicle-specific configuration file, cables and adapters, you will need the below WABCO components.  See the full requirements here

WABCO Bench Programming Unit

Users can utilize the WABCO Bench Programming Unit to program ECUs remotely, so there’s no need for a vehicle to be physically present. The Bench Programming Unit allows you to program truck ABS ECUs on the bench during service, versus directly on the vehicle. 

If  your  vehicle doesn’t have connectivity with the ABS ECU, the  Bench Programming Unit lets you program your ECU prior to installation on a truck, saving you time and the cost of stocking fully programmed ECUs.  

TOOLBOX PLUS Diagnostic Software

WABCO Aftermarket Programming is fully supported by the TOOLBOX PLUS diagnostic software. With TOOLBOX PLUS, users can insert the configuration file within the ECU to obtain the parameters that are specific to the truck.  

TOOLBOX PLUS allows you to easily and intuitively troubleshoot and program WABCO ABS systems and perform detailed diagnostics to get vehicles back on the road quickly, maximizing uptime by offering expedited vehicle diagnosis and product support for WABCO iABS, ECUs and more.

WABCO Academy eTraining

You can receive online training in WABCO products and their applications through the WABCO Academy online technical training platform.

Available to virtually any North American commercial vehicle business or service professional, it offers an array of 100+ comprehensive, high-value eLearning modules which include topics on installation, maintenance, diagnostics, and repair  for various WABCO truck and trailer products.

Offering a user-friendly interface, it allows subscribers to structure custom learning paths aligned with their unique needs. Start your eLearning today and get trained on ZF Commercial Vehicle Solutions products and systems.  

To learn more about the Aftermarket Programming process, check out this training video.

For more details on WABCO Academy product training options, read this article that explains the available learning opportunities.

Interested in WABCO Aftermarket Programming or need support?  Get in touch with your local ZF Aftermarket Account Manager or call the WABCO Customer Center at 1-855-228-3203. 

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