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WABCO Reman Solutions has launched a new and improved core return portal--RLMS--which replaces the existing portal, Reman Core Connect.

RLMS (Reverse Management Logistics Solutions) Core Return offers significant improvements in functionality and user-friendliness, while making it easy to complete your core return.

RLMS Core Return Portal Features:

Improved access to core data

Get quick access to core eligibility and return reports.

Generate customs and shipping documentation

RLMS quickly provides customs and shipping paperwork when you process your core return.

Visual core evaluation criteria

Allows a better understanding of how cores are graded and evaluated.

Photos of rejected cores

Allows the user to see photos of cores that were rejected.

Overall increased functionality and user friendliness

Allows faster and more accurate core returns.

Reman Solutions

WABCO Reman Solutions remanufactured parts are a cost-effective option that delivers OE quality while producing less waste. Each part is restored from a returned, re-usable core, which is upgraded to the latest performance specifications through a series of advanced industrial processes. Customers are motivated to return their core, as a refund is issued.

One of the many advantages of purchasing a WABCO Reman Solutions part is the quick and convenient core return process available through RLMS Core Return—an online resource that helps customers manage their WABCO core returns. Simplifying the return process, RLMS provides users with real-time core eligibility and core return criteria, fast access to return shipment documents, and a list of the most in-demand core part numbers.

If you have not yet registered to use the RLMS Core Return portal, please email with a list of employees you’d like to have access, along with their email address, street address and phone number.