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WABCO Academy offers a range of technical training programs for various products. Discover more and find the most suitable product training for your fleet.

As vehicles evolve, parts and technology develop to become more efficient, innovative and better connected. Invest in training to ensure your team is keeping up with the latest advancements and fulfilling their roles to the best possible standard.

This can save your business time and money, while boosting retention rates by investing in the development of your mechanics, workshop workers, service managers and more.

Enrol your staff into WABCO Academy Product Training to give them vital knowledge of the WABCO product suite. If you are facing any problems out on the roads or back at base, you want a team with the knowledge and resources to fix the issue.

Academy product training for your operation

Offering a range of technical training programs, including the installation, diagnosis and maintenance of electronic vehicle control systems for commercial vehicles – including air braking systems – WABCO Academy is designed to enhance the product knowledge of your team.

Having in-house staff equipped with the training required to maintain your fleet of trucks and trailers will reduce vehicle downtime. Give them the power to spot and fix any issues as soon as they arise without spending extra time and money on diagnostics. With the right knowledge, you can rest assured your vehicles are being repaired to the highest standard – as it will reflect the level you invested in product training.

Academy product training features

Product training with WABCO can be accessed at our global training centres or at your own facility. Many of the sessions are also available as online training courses via the WABCO Online Academy.

The WABCO range of product training is suitable for:

  • Mechanics (WABCO Service Partners, independent workshops, in-house workshops)
  • Workshop workers and shift foremen
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Service managers
  • Truck inspectors

Individual product training is available in:

  • Safety inspection – covering all legal aspects related to the safety testing procedure.
  • Air brakes – learn how to describe the structure and the mode of operation of compressed air systems.
  • Electrical systems – understand the basic principles of automotive electrics, design of electrical circuits and functions of electrical components and sensors.
  • Wheel brakes – perform the visual, functional and impact test on the brake test stand, recognise faults and troubleshooting.
  • Trailer ABS – gain theoretical and practical knowledge about trailer ABS troubleshooting.
  • ECAS and trailer central electronic – learn about the structure and mode of operation of the WABCO-ECAS and Trailer Central Electronic systems and their components.
  • EBS for motor vehicles and trailers – theoretical, practical knowledge and troubleshooting around EBS systems for motor vehicles and trailers.
  • Volvo gearbox actuator – theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of the Volvo Gearbox Actuator troubleshooting.

Product training is fundamental to help maintain your fleet, reduce vehicle downtime, increase productivity and save money. With access to training centres worldwide and an online academy, enrol staff easily in a training course that suits your operation’s needs.

Invest in training and discover huge benefits, including increased job satisfaction, motivation and reduced employee turnover.