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Business training improves everything from logistics to human resources. Enhance your operations with business training from WABCO Academy. Discover more.

Running a successful fleet operation is complex. As well as your drivers, you need to consider the skills and training needs of those working in distribution, sales, purchasing and human resources to ensure the fleet works as efficiently as possible.

Invest in appropriate training to set the foundations of success for your business.

WABCO Academy offers business training and consulting programs across a broad range of topics, ideal for specialists hoping to advance in their careers and fleets looking to grow.

Effective business training can:

  • Increase productivity levels of your team
  • Reduce mistakes made by individuals
  • Improve employee retention – investing in their future increases their sense of worth
  • Adds a competitive edge with qualified and experienced employees
  • Limit the costs and time involved in recruitment

WABCO Academy Business Training for your team

Investing in training provides your employees with clear goals for their role in the company, a strong understanding of what’s expected of them and a greater sense of value.

Arrange business training for each person, whether they are new to your company or just looking to gain more experience.

WABCO Academy training is designed to help your team enhance specific skills. Investing in staff from the start can help set the standard of what is expected in your business.

Business training is available on site at our WABCO Academy Centres. Many modules are also available online through the WABCO Online Academy – so your team can complete them at a time that is convenient. Topics covered include:

  • Human resources
  • Purchasing and logistics
  • Intelligent sales
  • Fleet management
  • Six Sigma/Lean Management

Business training can help individuals and departments across your fleet improve their performance.

WABCO Academy Business Training features

The business training modules available through WABCO Academy are designed for different personnel within any fleet, each offering specific benefits for that role:

  • Fleet managers and automotive industry leaders
    • Advancing the understanding, and introducing new techniques for those running operations, to increase their management efficiency
  • Professionals seeking qualifications in human resources, purchasing, business management and administration
    • Promoting career progression
    • Introducing new skills
    • Providing specialist qualifications
  • Quality management experts and process managers looking to obtain their Six Sigma certification or implement lean management in their organisations
    • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
    • Improve on-time delivery and productivity
    • Better qualified workforce
  • Sales and purchasing professionals in the commercial vehicle industry
    • Generate more leads for your business
    • Enhance sales and purchasing power of your team
  • Distributors and workshops individuals
    • Ensure efficient distribution plans
    • Improve consistency across different workshops

Invest in the skills and futures of your team – from drivers through to HR representatives – and experience long-term benefits. Enrolling in WABCO Academy business training can encourage employee and business growth, employee retention and give your fleet an edge over the competition.