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When managing your fleet, people are among the most important considerations. Find out the benefits you’ll get from strong workforce management.

Whatever the size of your fleet, one thing remains consistent – people are at the heart of everything good you do. As with any business, your operation is only as strong as the people who make it up. As a fleet manager, how you manage these people, from logistics staff to warehouse workers and drivers, will determine how effective your operation will be. A big challenge here is managing drivers, as most of them are stationed remotely a lot of the time.

Give strong direction and make connections to effectively manage your workforce and find a raft of benefits that will give your fleet a boost and improve overall performance.

In this guide, we take a look at how to effectively manage your fleet’s workforce and the things to be aware of.

Why focus on workforce management?

Fleet management is all about maximising the performance of operations – getting cargo from one place to another in the most efficient way possible. While trucks and trailer performance has a big part to play in this, everything falls apart if your workforce isn’t working at an optimal level.

Manage people well and you’ll have an engaged, happy workforce who are driven to work as a team to achieve a common goal, increasing productivity along the way.

Effective workforce management can lead to:

  • Reduced costs: Ensure all drivers have the knowledge and training they need to complete journeys in the most efficient manner, reducing spend on fuel and other costs.
  • Lower maintenance needs: Your fleet is an expensive asset – and your workforce needs to look after it. Training can ensure proper pre-inspection are made by drivers and improved work by mechanics, if your fleet has a workshop.
  • Improved road safety: Drivers are the employees most at risk of accidents in your organisation. Help them stay safe with impactful training.
  • Better cargo security: Many fleets carry expensive cargo and it’s vital that this is protected through effective locking solutions.
  • Compliance: Give drivers the time they need to ensure they take required breaks from behind the wheel to meet regulations.
  • Boost morale: Remember, the better morale is, the harder people are going to work. Ensure your staff are happy and you’ll likely see better results.

Fleet Management is all about maximising the performance of operations

Effective ways to improve the management of your fleet’s workforce

The benefits to be had from fleet workforce management are clear. Here are three areas to focus on to improve your workforce management.

Connect your fleet

If you can keep track of your fleet, connect to your drivers to manage them properly. Telematics can help you to get a real time view of where your fleet is and play a role in helping drivers to avoid delays or obstacles – with benefits for both parties from this.

A connected fleet also enhances communication – reducing the feeling of isolation and poor morale that fleet drivers can suffer from and allowing you to deliver accurate arrival details to third parties. The level of connection required to track and communicate with your fleet requires robust software, such as our TX-CONNECT web-based solution.

Focus on your drivers

Get your fleet driver management right, and you’ll be a long way to having a high performing fleet workforce. Your drivers play such an important role in everything from fuel costs and emissions right through to customer satisfaction and brand reputation as the customer facing part of your business.

Give your drivers training and regular refreshers to ensure they have the skills and expertise required to do the job well. Pastoral support for drivers is also crucial. Put some thought and effort into keeping drivers happy and you’ll have a better retention rate – avoiding any potential dips in productivity. Focus on driver health, both physical and mental, to ensure their wellbeing.

Benefits of strong fleet workforce management

From reduced fuel costs, lower emissions and enhanced road safety through to the pastoral benefits with better employee morale and enhanced retention, there are many advantages to improving workforce management in your fleet.