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A Quarterly Look at the World of WABCO

Distribution That Delivers

+   Continuously Improving Our Distribution Operations and Delivery

The year 2020 brought a number of challenges to our Hebron aftermarket distribution center’s operations. The COVID-19 pandemic caused high employee turnover and gaps in labor availability, while access to materials became scarce as suppliers had limited and in some cases no resources—impacting our global supply chain and ultimately our ability to fulfill orders. Additionally, ramp up from OEM customers occurred faster than expected, creating significant unanticipated pressure on our supply chain.

Moving into 2021, however, our entire organization is focused on resolving these issues and meeting the commitments we made to our valued customers. This includes changes we’ve made to our distribution operations by bringing in new leadership expertise and focusing resources on streamlining operations.

To counter the challenges within our global supply chain, we are working with global colleagues and partners to obtain materials. In our ongoing effort to achieve pre-COVID-19 order fulfillment levels, we’ve increased staff by 50% and we’re currently working two nine-hour shifts, plus Saturdays.

As a result of the changes made over the past months, we’re pleased to report that we’ve increased throughput and we’re shipping more and more orders every day. We’ve truly appreciated your patience and understanding throughout this period and look forward meeting and exceeding your expectations this year.

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