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From unavoidable accidents to driver error, malfunctions and problems caused by incorrect loading, there are many things that can impact safety for fleet managers, meaning they have a wide spectrum of things they need to consider. Luckily, trailer technology has come a long way and can now help you minimise delivery delays, expensive truck and trailer downtime and the knock-on effects to driver morale that safety concerns can create.

Enhance the safety performance of your fleet with SafeStart from WABCO. Discover how SafeStart can aid your fleet and help keep cargo and drivers safe.

SafeStart from WABCO is an automated, sensor-based trailer safety solution that gives you and your drivers peace of mind and helps prevent against potentially serious accidents.

SafeStart brake control for trailers

SafeStart works alongside the electronic braking system of your trailers, generating warnings and automatically braking if it senses immediate danger when driving. Usable on both tippers and tankers, it will detect issues and block the trailer brakes only when the driver starts moving, such as:

  • Lifted tipper
  • Open control panel
  • Filling dome closed incorrectly

It can also be retrofitted depending on what trailer EBS you have installed to your fleet. Due to its automatic nature, it removes much of the guesswork out of trailer safety and can prevent many common issues and accidents before they occur.

Prevent accidents due to driver error after unloading by introducing SafeStart.

SafeStart features

A versatile product, SafeStart has applications for both tippers and tankers:

SafeStart for tippers: The trailer brake system is pulsed when the WABCO SafeStart sensor detects that the vehicle is moving above a certain speed with a raised tipping tub. You can set the parameters for the speed levels when this warning kicks in. If the driver ignores or misses the pulsed warning, the brakes will be applied automatically – ensuring the trailer is made safe even if the driver is unaware of the issue.

SafeStart for tankers: SafeStart will apply the brakes and block the trailer wheels when it detects that the filling dome isn’t closed, the tool box or control panel is open. Once it detects this problem is remedied, it will then automatically release the brakes so that the driver can proceed.

SafeStart from WABCO is an automated, sensor-based trailer safety solution that gives you and your drivers peace of mind.

Why use SafeStart for fleets

The benefits of SafeStart form a vital part of trailer safety across your entire fleet. By helping to prevent damage to cargo, trailers and tippers, it reduces your maintenance costs and ensures that your vehicles are out on the road when you need them to be. This can represent a huge saving – and customer satisfaction levels will remain high as they receive their goods on time and in perfect condition.

It also means that your drivers, other road users and those working near trailers remain safe. This can reduce damage to infrastructure, which can help prevent a claim against you and a potentially costly insurance hike. Install SafeStart and boost safety across your entire fleet.