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A Quarterly Look at the World of WABCO

Product News



ZF CVCS’s well-established global market leadership in air disc brake (ADB) technology is on full display with WABCO MAXXUS 2.0. Available on tractors through multiple OEMs in North America, MAXXUS 2.0 represents our latest generation of high-performance single-piston ADB.

With up to 50% fewer parts than competing double-piston ADB designs, MAXXUS 2.0 offers clear advantages and differentiating value through several advanced features. At the top of the list is faster serviceability. Fewer parts to maintain—plus convenient features like a “push and lock” pad retainer system—can speed up the repair process and increase customer uptime.

MAXXUS 2.0 also features an advanced adjuster mechanism that is capable of continuously and precisely adjusting to maintain an optimal running clearance, even in extreme conditions, minimizing the risk of hot runners. This works in conjunction with a robust taper wear mitigation system designed to ensure more even pad wear.

A growing number of manufacturers and fleets are recognizing the superior value of the MAXXUS™ line of single-piston air disc brakes—knowing a partnership with ZF CVCS helps them stay ahead of the curve.



The latest evolution of WABCO TOOLBOX™ is here—TOOLBOX PLUS™ Diagnostic Software.

Providing an enhanced user experience, TOOLBOX PLUS streamlines vehicle and trailer diagnosis and minimizes downtime. This advanced software features a brand new user interface, support for WABCO’s current and latest product releases, and pre-populated warranty forms for direct email to the WABCO Customer Care Center.

To expedite diagnostics, TOOLBOX PLUS has a “roll call” function that automatically detects and populates WABCO systems included on the vehicle. With a simple click, users can diagnose fault codes, view repair and installation instructions and access maintenance manuals.

Available in 1-, 2- or 3-year subscription options, TOOLBOX PLUS will help you increase your uptime and get your vehicles back on the road quickly.

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