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Do you want the future of fleet management at your fingertips?

ZF and WABCO are leading the way with customer-centric digital solutions and a global network of aftermarket services for commercial vehicles. Operating as the Commercial Vehicle Control Systems Division within ZF, WABCO is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of connectivity devices engineered to digitalize vehicle information, accompanied by a suite of digital tools to automate your operations. These devices collect real-time data, facilitating easy track and trace, driving style analysis, and communication with drivers.

You can find our products here.

Seamless connectivity

Our connectivity devices seamlessly integrate with SCALAR, ZF’s Fleet Orchestration Platform, and a wide ecosystem of third-party connectivity services, greatly enhancing the operational efficiency and safety of your fleet.

  • Stay connected to your fleet.
  • Track vehicles in real-time.
  • Monitor performance and driving style.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations.

Our advanced digital solutions, including Fleet Management Solutions, Software as a Service (SaaS), and IoT-based innovations, are complemented by best-in-class services, ensuring a comprehensive offering under one roof.