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Improve trailer grip and ensure easier hill starts and driving on slippery roads with WABCO's Traction Help – part of the Intelligent Trailer Program.

Managing driver and vehicle safety is a key component of every well-organised fleet operation throughout the year, but there are some periods that bring with them more tricky conditions and hazardous roads to navigate. With many miles travelled on a daily basis, it’s important to reduce the levels of risk wherever possible. However, dealing with adverse weather conditions, unexpected road hazards and muddy, icy or sandy off-road facilities can put real strain onto both your drivers and vehicles. It’s crucial to prepare and have the right solutions in place to tackle these eventualities.

Equipping your trailers with the right tools will make all the difference in terms of driver safety, comfort and vehicle performance, which is where Traction Help, part of the Intelligent Trailer Program from WABCO, comes into play.

Traction Help for drivers

Skilled drivers are a vital part of running an efficient fleet. Your drivers need to make quick decisions and complex manoeuvres across the course of each journey, so it’s essential that you not only trust them, but also to equip the driver and vehicle with the right tools for the job. Traction Help, one of the many solutions that make up WABCOs Intelligent Trailer Program, is specifically designed to enhance operating safety.

A powerful system, Traction Help is devised to enhance trailer grip on slippery roads to allow for easier movement without skids and slips. Ideal for enabling safer starts on hills and for working in unfavourable conditions such as snow, ice, sand and mud, this tool improves the safety of your trailers, while also enhancing performance, saving energy required to start in difficult conditions. The system works by lifting the first trailer axle to increase traction on the truck’s rear driving axle, creating a stronger grip on the road. This system helps to avoid wheelspins in poor conditions and reduces tyre wear. It also helps to minimise accidents that could occur due to a swerving trailer tail.

Every aspect of a journey has its potential dangers. Implementing advanced tools, such as Traction Help, that work to enhance vehicle safety, will help to mitigate risk, improve the driving experience and create a better working environment.

Traction Help provides a straightforward solution to tackling adverse road conditions

Traction Help features

Traction Help provides a straightforward solution to tackling adverse road conditions. The WABCO trailer EBS lifts the first axle of the trailer, adding weight to the truck’s rear axle to increase the grip on the road. Once the vehicle is driving above the parameterised speed-threshold, the trailer EBS automatically lowers the trailer axle to the normal position.

It can be activated easily from within the cabin by using OptiLink™, via a switch or by pressing the brake pedal. In addition, drivers and fleet managers have the option to set Traction Help as an automatic function during the winter season, working in combination with WABCO’s SmartBoard, telematics or the truck’s time stamp. Some of the key features of Traction Help include:

  • Enables easier starting on hills
  • Enhances grip on slippery roads
  • Easy driver activation from within the cabin
  • Option to set as an automatic function during winter season
  • Reduces tyre wear by avoiding wheelspin
  • Helps to minimise accidents caused by swerving trailer tail
  • Automatically respects total permitted load of the axles

Invest in the future safety of your fleet with WABCO’s Traction Help, one of the many tools that make up the Intelligent Trailer Program. Improve driver effectiveness and minimise risk when you choose to integrate this advanced safety tool.