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A Quarterly Look at the World of WABCO

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

+   Video Demonstrates ZF CVCS’s Problem Solving Methodology As “Your Partner in Uptime”

Our commitment to maximize vehicle uptime was put to the test when ZF promptly responded to customer feedback about a potential air dryer performance issue occurring during extraordinarily cold weather conditions. Getting customers safely back on the road was the top priority at the onset, and the issue was addressed in a systemic manner by bringing key ZF CVCS employees together to expedite a customer-focused solution. This included members of several teams including the Customer Care Center, Field Service, Engineering, Quality and the Claims Investigation Center.

Working in collaboration, the teams reviewed the relevant call center data and investigated one of the failed air dryer devices. In short order, the teams detected that water was getting past a turbo cutoff valve and a freezing issue was occurring. While Engineering performed an in-depth analysis to correct the problem and changed the production process to eliminate issues with future air dryers, they also educated the Customer Care Center on how to appropriately diagnose and address the problem in the meantime—by implementing a fix to replace the problematic air dryer with a different variant.

This customer success story is a prime example of ZF CVCS’s commitment to quality and serving as their customers’ Partner in Uptime.

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