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WABCO System Diagnostics (SD)

WABCO provides you with a complete range of high-tech diagnostic tools for commercial vehicles. With WABCO, you're the specialist.

WABCO System Diagnostics (SD) offers a range of Windows-based software solutions (plus all the hardware necessary to carry out diagnostic work on most of the WABCO system, such as EBS, ECAS, ACC).

Diagnostics Software

WABCO SD software is available for nearly every WABCO-produced component needing diagnosis, both as a single download or as separate bus, truck and trailer packages. They are available in 23 different languages and the regular software updates / upgrades are easy to download.

With the quick click of your mouse, the latest WABCO diagnostic software is ready for you to do diagnostics on your customer vehicles. Joining the subscription community online there is no need to send data carriers or pay separate fees and, most important, you no longer have to worry about having the latest version.

Once you have completed the necessary training, you get PINs for special security relevant functions of WABCO’s Diagnostic Software (basic diagnostics can be done without any PIN).

For North America users

WABCO TOOLBOX software provides PC diagnostics for SmartTrac™, including Tractor and Trailer Pneumatic ABS, Trailer EBS™,Trailer RSS 2M, Trailer EBS™, Hydraulic ABS and Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB), as well as OnGuard™, OnLane™ and OptiRide™ Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS).

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Software Price

The full software package contains all language versions of the available programs. You will also receive access to all software updates and programs for new systems. Here are latest prices for the Diagnostic Services license (price per package):

Full Software Package
First Year License subscription (ref. 246 301 900 0): EUR 2,059
Per following year (ref. 246 301 910 0): EUR 816

Sub-package Bus
First License subscription (ref. 246 301 902 0): EUR 1,405
Per following year (ref. 246 301 912 0): EUR 489

Sub-package Truck
First Year License subscription (ref. 246 301 904 0): EUR 1,405
Per following year (ref. 246 301 964 0): EUR 489

Sub-package Trailer
First License subscription (ref. 246 301 901 0): EUR 861
Per following year (ref. 246 301 911 0): EUR 381

All fees exclude the current rate of VAT. The subscription has a duration of one year, beginning on the day we have received your payment.

After receiving your payment, we will automatically send you the access codes for the download of the diagnostic software. The subscription includes all language versions and updates, as well as diagnostic software for new systems added to a package during the subscription period.

A subscription can be cancelled with six weeks’ notice at the end of its duration period. For the remaining period, no fees will be refunded. If no notice is given, the subscription fee for the following year must be paid in due time at the end of the subscription period. In this case, you will receive an invoice.

If a package is upgraded (e.g. from the trailer sub-package to the full software package), the initial fee paid will also be charged in the following years. Any amounts already paid in the running subscription period will be charged to your account.

NB: In most of the programs, the program functions are PIN-protected. The PIN is not issued in connection with the subscription. As the functions facilitate safety related modifications of the vehicle settings, the PIN is issued only after a special training.

Obtain your PIN through WABCO Academy Training

WABCO Academy offers a range of technical training programs featuring the installation, diagnosis, and maintenance of commercial vehicle air braking systems. It also provides training from electronically controlled braking and driving dynamics control systems developed and manufactured by WABCO.

Participants of the WABCO Academy product trainings receive at the end of their successful tuition program the diagnostic software PIN code which activates all functionalities. The WABCO Academy product and technical trainings can be accessed in 18 training centers worldwide, while many offerings are also available as online trainings via the WABCO Online Academy.

Diagnostics Hardware

  • Diagnostic Interface 2
    The WABCO Diagnostic Interface Set is required to start a diagnosis of the electronic control unit. USB connecting cable to PC/Notebook.
  • Diagnostic Interface 3
    The WABCO Diagnostic Interface Set is required to start a diagnosis of the electronic control unit. USB connecting cable to PC/Notebook. Bluetooth and Wifi connection.
  • Diagnostic cables case ‘trailer’
    The WABCO diagnostic cables case ‘trailer’ provides accessories and cables for all common trailer system diagnostics.This accessory kit includes the most commonly used cables, making it suitable for a wide range of trailer diagnostic tasks. Connecting the trailer ECU to your PC has never been easier, with all cables clearly identified, stored in a logical order and Protected by the robust case. For  customers who already possess a set of cables, the case can be ordered empty.
  • Diagnostic cables case ‘bus’
    The WABCO Diagnostic Cables Case ‘Bus’ contains all essential cables to perform diagnostics of WABCO components in buses. The case also includes a Diagnostic Interface, which is designed to match the contents of the WABCO Diagnostic Software package ‘Bus’. Connecting the vehicle ECU to your PC has never been easier, with all cables clearly identified, stored in a logical order and protected by the robust case. For customers who already possess a set of cables, the case can be ordered empty.
  • Diagnostic cables case ‘truck’
    The WABCO Diagnostic Cables Case ‘Truck’ perfectly supplements our WABCO Diagnostic Software package, completing the toolkit required to perform all essential truck diagnostics. This case was designed without a Diagnostic Interface, representing value for money to those who already own the WABCO Diagnostic Cables Case ‘Trailer’ (446 301 023 0) and do not require two diagnostic interfaces. For customers who do not yet possess a WABCO Diagnostic Interface, this unit can be ordered separately. There is space in the kit for the Interface, allowing technicians to store the full component package conveniently in one place.
  • ABS/EBS code reader
    The WABCO ABS/EBS Code Reader is the ideal tool for a quick and easy diagnostic job. With this handheld tool, you have easy access to the ECU and instant sight of fault codes, plus access to our database for detailed information on those fault codes, viewable from any smartphone, tablet or computer.Discover more through our product brochures featuring detailed information and step-by- step user guide: