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Tools and Equipment

The most advanced and smartest high-tech tools to diagnose, retrofit, maintain and repair all commercial vehicles efficiently.

  • Parts & Tools Cleaning Solution: The safest and most efficient parts & tools cleaning solution for your workshop.
  • Testing: The most sensitive testing devices, giving you the most reliable results.
  • Tools: The most durable tools for optimal repair and maintenance of your WABCO products and systems.

Discover more through our product brochures featuring detailed information and step-by-step user guide:

  • Bio-cleaning system set
    The WABCO Bio-Cleaning System Set is the ideal workshop accessory for fast-cleaning of used vehicle parts and workshop tools. The liquid cleaning products provided by WABCO feature natural components and are harmless to humans and the environment. This makes both cleaning and recycling cheaper and more convenient.
  • Agriculture air pressure test case
    The WABCO Agriculture Air Pressure Test Case is a toolkit designed to test compressed air procurement systems in tractors, or the air braking systems in agricultural and forestry trailers. If you own a larger fleet of agricultural vehicles, or have a workshop that repairs, tests or retrofits their compressed air systems, this test kit will be a valuable addition to your toolset.
  • Air pressure test case
    The WABCO Air Pressure Test Case is the perfect workshop tool to measure the pressure in a vehicle’s braking and suspension system. It allows you to perform official vehicle inspections to the highest legal standards. With a wide range of connection options, it enables easy testing of all commercial vehicles.
  • Brake and suspension test case
    The WABCO Brake and Suspension Test Case is the perfect tool to test and repair brake components. With this tool, you are able to perform vehicle inspections, post-repair check-ups, brake simulations and pressure measurement of air brakes and suspension systems. The Brake and Suspension Test Case offers you all these functions in a mobile trolley that can be stored efficiently or used on any workbench.
  • Power supply test case
    The WABCO Power Supply Test Case is a mobile, intelligent test kit for lighting and signalling checks. The Power Supply Test Case can test either trailer or truck.
  • TPMS manager
    The WABCO TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) Manager is a sensor activation and readout tool. It allows you to read and activate the external and internal sensors of the WABCO TPMS OptiTire™ system and display: ID; tyre pressure; tyre temperature; battery status and radio frequency. Combining all these features, the WABCO TPMS Manager offers functionality and flexibility at an affordable price.
  • Ultrasonic leakage finder
    The WABCO Ultrasonic Leakage Finder is a convenient workshop tool to detect air leakages. The device indicates the presence and size of a leak using both audible and visual signals. Using the Ultrasonic Leakage Finder saves time and prevents potential customer claims.
  • Ultrasonic seal leakage detector
    The WABCO Ultrasonic Seal Leakage Detector is a practical ultrasonic tool used to detect leakage in door and window seals. It detects both the location and size of leaks.
  • MAXX 17-22 & PAN 17-25 caliper tool set
    The WABCO Caliper Tool is a modular tool set for repairing WABCO calipers and adjusting the return units of truck or trailers. WABCO have designed a dedicated cranked ratchet wrench specifically to carry-out this often-difficult task. The tool will work with a wide range of OEM equipment, including (but not limited to) Mercedes, MAN and Schmitz.
  • Mobile Test Bench
    The ideal device for workshops that frequently work on brake component repairs and claims-handling. It delivers precision and an extended pneumatic functionality overview.

Discover more through our product brochures featuring detailed information and step-by-step user guide: