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Committed to Quality, Remanufactured for Perfection

WABCO REMAN SOLUTIONS does not simply re-build for function, we remanufacture for perfection using the latest technologies and industry knowhow gained from Original Equipment manufacturing. Every WABCO REMAN SOLUTIONS product performs to the same standards as the original product and is given the same warranty as a new product, guaranteeing a quality that you can truly rely on!

The Remanufacturing Process

A WABCO REMAN SOLUTIONS product is restored from a re-usable core, which goes through a series of advanced industrial processes performed by dedicated industry experts at certified WABCO REMAN SOLUTIONS facilities around the world.

During the remanufacturing process, all parts which are subject to wear, as well as critical components are replaced by the highest quality WABCO components. To ensure only the best products make it to market, functional tests are performed to achieve no less than a 100% quality rating on all products.

The standardized and fully documented WABCO remanufacturing process ensures that the used core is always returned to the market as a same-as-new or better condition product.

Product Portfolio

The unique WABCO REMAN SOLUTIONS remanufacturing process is carried out by dedicated industry experts and builds on OE expertise, allowing the highest quality of remanufactured products.

The exact same rigorous testing as performed on WABCO original products, is performed on every single WABCO REMAN SOLUTIONS product, to ensure a premium quality level for all our products. Thanks to this rigorous testing, we can offer the same warranty as offered for new products.

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