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Embrace cloud-based connectivity with TX-TRAILERPULSE. Increase trailer uptime by effectively using real-time information and diagnostics data.

A fleet manager in the digitised modern world is only as good as his/her connectivity. Without having access to data and being connected to drivers and trailers, it is a lot more difficult to respond in an agile way to things that are happening out on the road. Whether there is an accident, mechanical fault, traffic congestion or freak weather conditions, being aware of these things is essential to run an efficient fleet.Connectivity has never been more important for fleet managers – and it has also never been simpler.

TX-TRAILERPULSE is an excellent solution that makes the most of improved connectivity. It monitors the state of your trailer and transmits crucial information through different multi-functional and dynamic web-based platforms like TX-CONNECT and TX-TRAILERFIT, thereby allowing you to make impactful decisions about your trailers quicker.

Designed to capture a maximum amount of data on trailers with limited electronics, TX-TRAILERPULSE is a robust trailer telematics solution that supplies real-time location and rich EBS data.

TX-TRAILERPULSE telematics solution

Besides just your trucks and drivers, having a clear picture of where your trailers are is important to fleet managers for so many reasons. TX-TRAILERPULSE is an elegant solution to help give you exactly that.

Designed to capture a maximum amount of data on trailers with limited electronics, such as flatbeds, curtain siders or box trailers, TX-TRAILERPULSE is a robust trailer telematics solution that supplies real-time location and rich electronic braking system (EBS) data to your TX-CONNECT back office software platform. This telematics device is tailor-made to help improve trailer fleet efficiency, as you are able to constantly monitor the location and condition of your trailers.

Building up on the data collected from the trailer EBS system, the TX-TRAILERFIT web-based portal gives you real-time insights on the technical performance and health state of your trailer park. Using the information provided, you can head off any potential issues or problems, while you are able to efficiently plan and schedule preventive maintenance should there be any faults developing.

You can make a real difference to fleet uptime by doing so, planning in repairs during quieter periods to avoid damaging your efficiency, for example. Knowing when faults are developing reduces the chance of unexpected breakdowns and delays to deliveries, which can result in unsatisfied customers and reputational damage.


TX-TRAILERPULSE puts your trailer use first. Simple to install – it connects to the trailers’ EBS – TX-TRAILERPULSE does everything required in terms of remote trailer diagnostics. Not only can it give you information on the technical health of the trailer as it makes its way around the roads, it lets you track and trace it too. Moreover, real-time access to operational data helps you to make smart decisions to manage and improve the daily utilization of your trailers.

Combined with TX-TRAILERFIT, a web-based portal, it can tell you the root cause of many issues that trailers encounter, and even suggest possible repairs. This saves time and money seeking out professional assistance.

Reduce trailer downtime with access to real-time operational data about the trailers in your fleet with TX-TRAILERPULSE.

It allows you to get a head start on planning your vehicle maintenance schedule. Trucks and trailers off the road cost companies a lot of money and this solution offers a cost-effective way to head that off.

After installation of the TX-TRAILERPULSE telematics device and the back office setup, the hardware unit communicates in real-time with TX-CONNECT. Tailored to the needs of technical profiles, TX-TRAILERFIT trailer health portal processes and visualizes the diagnostics code history, as logged by the Operational Data Recorder (ODR). In simple terms, the following gives a brief overview of its implications:

Professional uptime management

  • Reduce the chance for breakdowns
  • Minimize vehicle downtime
  • Optimize maintenance and repair scheduling
  • Improve overall safety
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance

Improve trailer use

  • Reduce penalties
  • Extend tire tread life
  • Improve driving styles
  • Optimize planning based on load

Manage trailer use

  • Real-time visibility
  • Maximum deployment
  • Efficient transport planning

Introduce TX-TRAILERPULSE to your fleet and reduce vehicle downtime. Improved connectivity allows you to monitor the position and condition of your trailers, so you can effectively plan ahead and take action to run a leaner fleet operation.