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Modern telematics systems are indispensable for fleet operators. Learn more about TX-TRAILERGUARD, the next evolution in real-time trailer management.

The modern era of digitisation has seen technology evolve to provide fleet managers with unrivalled levels of visibility. This is helping to make keeping tabs on trailers, monitoring performance, arrival times and safety more effective than ever before.

What was once a major difficulty has been made so much easier and more efficient thanks to the arrival of modern telematics solutions such as TX-TRAILERGUARD. This is a high-end solution that enables you to remain up-to-date with everything to do with your trailer fleet. Stay on top of its position, cargo status, vehicle safety, driver behaviour and more.

TX-TRAILERGUARD: State-of-the-art trailer telematics

TX-TRAILERGUARD is the next great leap forward in advanced fleet management, incorporating trucks, trailers and drivers all in one powerful and multi-functional TX-CONNECT back office platform. Packed with state-of-the-art functionalities for virtually any type of trailer, it enables fleet managers and dispatchers to effectively monitor and manage trailers in real-time, and provide support where it’s needed.

Downtime can be a disaster for any fleet. The access to trailer EBS data that gives managers the foresight to spot issues and schedule preventive maintenance before the trailer has to be taken off the road is a revelation. TX-TRAILERGUARD provides easy to understand and actionable trailer-specific data across a multitude of devices for quick and easy access to everything needed to run a fleet as efficiently as possible.

The various connection possibilities of TX-TRAILERGUARD make it the perfect solution for different types of transportation scenarios like:

Dangerous goods transport: Being compliant with ADR requirements, TX-TRAILERGUARD ensures safety while transporting goods that are dangerous or toxic in nature.

Perishable goods transport: Having connection possibilities to the reefers to remotely manage trailer temperature and data loggers to keep track of the same, TX-TRAILERGUARD is the ideal       telematics solution to have for transportation of perishable goods or goods that require refrigeration. Moreover, being EN12830 certified, the reports it generates are as accurate and acceptable as those generated by the data logger itself.

Inter-modal transport: A long-lasting and rechargeable battery makes TX-TRAILERGUARD perfect for fleets transporting goods via ports and seeking to keep track of their cargo, where trailers will be temporarily powerless due to lack of connectivity to the truck.

Trailer IoT: Being able to connect with various trailer peripherals and systems, TX-TRAILERGUARD maximizes data generation from trailers equipped with advanced retrofit solutions like-tire-pressure monitoring systems, trailer door-lock systems, and others.

Trailer optimization

Another aspect of efficient fleet management is optimisation of trailer utilization. Every kilometer driven without an optimum consignment of cargo per trailer, costs money. To maximise ROI it’s important to ensure your fleet has full trailers making deliveries whenever possible. Even a half-full trailer will be more cost-effective to run than it not being on the road.

Going far beyond the capability to optimise asset utilisation, TX-TRAILERGUARD enables fleet owners to aim at cost reductions (penalties, breakdown, maintenance), efficiency optimisation, driving style improvement, effective maintenance scheduling, environmental care and the elevation of overall safety and security standards on the road.


The large variety of features packed into TX-TRAILERGUARD makes it a fantastic tool for fleet management. Some of the most notable are:

Position, Status and GeoFencing: Tracking the location of your trailers, checking their status (driving/standstill) and creating geofence zones and alarms.

Historical Routes: Calculating the travelled routes of your trailers, which can be especially helpful in double-checking kilometer-based invoices from and for your subcontractors.

Trailer EBS Monitoring: Capturing and visualizing data from all major brands of trailer electronic braking systems (EBS), including speed, distance travelled, aggregate load, mileage, roll-over alerts, remote trailer diagnostics, tire pressure, brake wear status and axle load. This information helps you improve the safety of your drivers, optimise the maintenance of your trailers and boost your fleet performance.

Connection to various trailer peripherals, sensors and systems: Connecting to trailer peripherals and sensors like OptiLock™ ELB-Lock® door lock systems, temperature sensors and various WABCO braking, stability, efficiency and safety systems helps you to maximize connectivity on the       road and manage your trailers distantly in the most effective way.

Building up on trailer EBS connectivity, you can even dig deep down into the EBS performance, stability, coupling and more to achieve a better rounded picture of what performance looks like across the fleet.

TX-TRAILERGUARD is fully integrated into the multifunctional TX-CONNECT back office software. This empowers the fleet to have a comprehensive truck, driver and trailer information in one all-embracing platform. It is ideal for businesses operating internationally, with no barrier to accessing data. You can even tailor alarms for groups or individuals in local languages.

With this powerful combination, you have access to visual data you can use to monitor your fleet, react to issues immediately and plan for the medium and long-term. Enjoy access to an easy-to-understand overview of all the information you need, waiting for your analysis.

Stay on top of your vehicles and create a leaner and greener fleet with the assistance of TX-TRAILERGUARD.