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Manage driver costs and expenses, ensure legal compliance and simplify payroll administration with TX-SOCIAL from WABCO.

Managing a vehicle fleet effectively means being in control of a number of factors, from efficiency of fuel consumption to arrival times and meeting client expectations. One of the biggest challenges you face as a fleet manager that impacts these is managing drivers’ activities and costs efficiently – from the expenses they incur to ensuring compliance with a growing list of rules, regulations and restrictions.

Accurate, dependable and comprehensive records are vital to ensure drivers are paid on time for, and in accordance with, their work. During times when finding new drivers can be challenging, knowing they will be paid on time and accurately can be a great incentive for them to join your business. This makes sure everyone is doing their bit to fall in line with driver requirements.

From maintaining driver histories to recording years’ worth of working hours, it’s important that data collection and analysis is both robust and easy to use.

That’s where the TX-SOCIAL solution from WABCO is an effective tool for any fleet manager. This sophisticated software system collects and processes information in a way that allows you to accurately record and intelligently analyse tacho read-outs and social data related to your fleet’s operation.

Intelligent tacho and social management data

Historically, fleet management offices were swamped with paperwork. As technology has advanced, this has evolved thanks to digitisation – mountains of data collected from trucks and drivers at every point in their journey, which provides vital insights into activity on the roads.

Tachograph readings need to be regularly exported and stored for legal compliance – everything from payroll calculation to driver expenses must be recorded for an efficient operational fleet management. Intelligently managing that mass of data is vital to running a contemporary transport operation.

TX-SOCIAL has been designed to do just that. It provides crucial benefits to fleet management, including:

  • Recording, archiving and exporting tacho read-out data to meet regulations around working time and mandatory rest periods
  • Managing costs and simplifying payroll administration
  • Visualising and adjusting driver and vehicle activities
  • Generating reports to have a clear overview of driver activities and expenses
  • Intelligent and secure storage of data for historical analysis anywhere, anytime by creating archives/legal export of mass memory and driver card for customs

All data recording and storage with TX-SOCIAL is adjustable to fit the demands of your specific operation. It allows you to control and set your own system of alerts to warn of potential problems ahead, whether that’s expenses being too high or drivers failing to adhere to their mandatory rest times.

How does TX-SOCIAL work?

TX-SOCIAL is a sophisticated software package that is intuitive to use and easily combines with other WABCO truck telematics tools. Integrated into the TX-CONNECT back office platform, it uses data from the digital tachograph and on-board computer to record, store, report and export information. It also enables you to set up notifications on deadlines for mass memory and/or driver card readout, along with other operational activities like medical visits, renewal of driver cards and more.

You can also rely on TX-SOCIAL to handle management of your driver cost and expenses records and to provide the basis of your payroll calculations.

The package will handle:

  • Importing and archiving data, including recording tacho read-outs and storing them securely for up to five years.
  • Simple one-click exporting and reporting data to comply with all legal requirements and regulations.
  • Clear display of any infringements, including speeding, tacho violations, problems with driving and resting timetables, document renewal, vehicle inspections or driver medical check-ups.
  • Pre-set alerts warn you of any problems in advance to allow you to immediately rectify problems and avoid fines or unnecessary costs.
  • Control individual driver activities and expenses.
  • Prepare your payroll using accurate tacho and driver activity data and share whatever is required with your HR system.

Visualise fleet activities in one database

In any fleet management system, there’s a lot of data to analyse, which is why it’s important to use solutions like TX-SOCIAL to bring specific information together. This makes it easy to view and process required data at the click of a button, without the need for multiple pieces of hardware.

TX-SOCIAL can operate either as a standalone solution, or form part of a wider platform that offers a complete digital solution for modern transport industry management. Telemetrics packages like TX-SOCIAL can be used to add specific functionality to the TX-CONNECT back-office system. It allows you to tailor your telemetrics to your precise requirements and not pay for features you don’t need.

Adding TX-SOCIAL to your TX-CONNECT system provides state-of-the-art control over your tacho and social data. This increases accuracy and cost-efficiency for your entire transport operation.

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