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Stay connected to your trucks with TX-GO 2. This on-board computer leverages advanced connectivity to go beyond just tracking and tracing your fleet.

Tracking trucks’ positions is vital for fleet managers to reconstruct routes, monitor performance and ensure deliveries are running on schedule. Yet there is so much more information that many fleet managers need to access to take action beyond pinpointing your vehicles on the map.

TX-GO 2 is a truck-brand-independent on-board computer that connects to the digital tachograph and CAN bus. Through integration with the TX-CONNECT, it delivers a wide range of important data to your back office for remote monitoring, including position updates, tacho times and more.

Accurate information makes all the difference and manual reports simply just don’t compare against an automated process. You need to be able to access your fleet data immediately to get a full picture of performance and compliance. TX-GO 2 allows all of this through one solution.

TX-GO 2 for fleets

TX-GO 2 is an on-board computer designed for discrete installation behind the dashboard. Integrated within the powerful TX-CONNECT back office platform, it provides important real-time data on your fleet. There is no need for driver interaction to access the data, giving you automatic access to the information you need.

TX-GO 2 is manageable with remote configuration. It offers a permanent and secure gateway to truck and driver data, through its connection to the truck’s digital tachograph and the CAN bus. Connecting to the digital tachograph allows for real-time tacho activity follow-up, automated activity management and remote download of mass memory and driver cards, while the CAN bus enables fuel management, trend reporting and driver scoring and much more.

The level of accurate data delivered with TX-GO 2 helps you pinpoint opportunities to improve and change systems. Adjust and adapt processes to optimise your management and deliver results. TX-GO 2 also complements software modules such as TX-ECO to evaluate driver performance, DigiTach Solutions to smoothly integrate all tachograph data into your fleet management system and many more modules.

TX-GO 2 provides the perfect solution for efficient fleet managers wanting to optimize their fleet management

TX-GO 2 features

TX-GO 2 provides the perfect solution for efficient fleet managers wanting to optimize their fleet management. If you want to make better-informed decisions, then access to real-time fleet data will provide you with all the information you need. The key benefits include:

  • Affordable OBC solution
  • Easy installation, remote configuration and support
  • Consistent and constant communication flow of company-critical data
  • 24/7 use in industrial environments
  • Integration with TX-CONNECT platform
  • Extendable with a TX-FLEX solution

Integrating TX-GO 2 with TX-CONNECT provides a wealth of data to enable you to maintain an efficient and productive operation. Assess driver performance with a real-time view on driving and resting times, manage route information and tacho activity status tracking, and monitor fuel consumption across your fleet. Some of the main functions include:

  • Geofencing, positional updates and historical routes
  • Real-time tacho activity status tracking
  • Real-time view on driving and resting times
  • Remote mass memory and driver card download
  • Fuel consumption reports
  • Driver style monitoring

Install TX-GO 2 on board your fleet and you’ll soon reap the multiple benefits across your organisation. Gain access to company critical data to enable a professional follow-up and management of your fleet.

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