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Increase your fleet fuel efficiency with TX-FUELCOMPASS. Learn more about how this Big Data-enabled software can help you save on fuelling costs.

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses for fleets in any business, whether you’ve got five or five hundred vehicles on the road. As a fleet manager, becoming more fuel efficient is likely to be one of your main cost-cutting focuses when it comes to looking at fleet performance.

While you probably already know your total fuel expenditure inside out, understanding what factors affect fuel usage and costs allows you to make reasoned and effective decisions that can help reduce costs in the long run. These include:

  • Fuel prices in different regions and countries
  • Average fuel consumption of drivers
  • Fuelling & refuelling trends
  • Fuel consumption patterns
  • Driver routes
  • Vehicle type
  • Fuel drops

TX-FUELCOMPASS is an intelligent solution that allows you to make the most of the fuel consumption data collected from different sources. Using software algorithms to effectively analyse Big Data, fleet managers can utilise TX-FUELCOMPASS to better identify areas of focus for improving overall efficiency.

The product works by providing information on when and where fuel inefficiencies are occurring, so they can be easily identified and rectified to maximise impact. Reduce your future fleet costs with TX-FUELCOMPASS from WABCO.

Save on fuel costs with the TX-FUELCOMPASS intelligent software platform and maximise your fleet efficiency.

Increase your fleet fuel efficiency

TX-FUELCOMPASS uses Big Data insights to promote efficient refueling and optimise fuel economy within your fleet. It brings together all of the data collected in transparent graphs and charts to give you a clear, 360 view of fuel and refueling costs without the need for additional hardware. It assesses past refueling behaviours and identifies inefficient actions carried out to help you make better decisions in the future.

The software takes into account fuel tank size, fuel card usage and engine information, which gives a more impactful and well-rounded overview of fuel economy – rather than just fuel consumption alone.

Combined with its geo-tracking functionality, TX-FUELCOMPASS ensures driving distances are tracked accurately. It also works to identify the closest refuelling stations, as well as the best refuelling prices for individual trucks. This in turn minimises fuel cost and consumption to maximise your fleet’s fuel efficiency.

Moreover, once the data has been processed, TX-FUELCOMPASS also suggests best-case scenarios. You can inform your drivers of the most efficient routes and actions to help them save on fuel and costs throughout journeys. And as well as encouraging maximum ROI for your fleet, TX-FUELCOMPASS also helps reduce your carbon footprint, having a positive impact on the environment and your business’ reputation.

How does TX-FUELCOMPASS work?

TX-FUELCOMPASS is a web-based application that works with your existing telematics solution and provides a complete view of your fleet’s fuel and refuelling costs – without the need to install an additional fuel sensor. This software platform is combined with either a TX-SKY or TX-GO 2 on-board computer, which collects and sends specific fuel data related to the trucks within your fleet, without requiring any extra hardware.

Being a web-based platform, you can access data anywhere and at any time. It provides complete visibility over five key areas, giving you a full overview of your fleet’s fuel consumption across a day, week or month:

  • Fleet – Check current fleet activities, such as total distance covered, average fuel consumption and intensity of vehicle utilization.
  • Refuelling – View where refuelling transactions took place, analyse their patterns and improve them to save fuel costs.
  • Truck – Analyse individual truck fuel consumption and distances covered.
  • Driver – Rank and compare drivers using the same vehicles, seeing how many litres each one has saved or wasted to help them make better choices.
  • Fuel drop – Spot any fuel efficiency decreases, including the time and location, as well as truck related information.

In addition, WABCO’s TX-FUELCOMPASS provides an advanced and automated reconciliation of fuel-related invoices, allowing you to spend less time crunching numbers and more time running your business.

Optimise your fuel strategy

TX-FUELCOMPASS is a standalone solution that can be used with all your trucks to quickly reduce your fuel costs and improve driver efficiency. It can also be combined with other products to create the perfect fuel-efficiency strategy for your fleet.

For a greater overview of your trucks and to interact with your drivers, TX-CONNECT will complement the focus of improving your fuel strategy. This web-based software lets you access more information about your fleet, in the same place, meaning you don’t have to switch between software to get the full picture, thus helping you make better decisions faster.

WABCO also offers software programs and training that promote economical and ecological driving, using in-cabin tools and driver KPIs to evaluate their driving styles and identify ways to make savings. In addition, aerodynamic systems from WABCO are designed to reduce drag on your trailers, improving fuel economy of the fleet as a whole.