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TX-FLEX makes life easy for your drivers by facilitating out-of-cabin activities and planning follow-ups. Learn more about the mobile telematics solution.

Managing a fleet means handling countless streams of data and being in control of a high volume of different processes on a daily basis. Thanks to on-board telematics devices and connected software, there’s so much data that can be collected and analysed, allowing you to make decisions that positively impact processes and make things better for your drivers, while improving your business’ performance.

From driving style and routes taken to fuel economy and cargo loads, data on trip activity has never been deeper or more insightful. Neither has the ease of using this data constructively to create customised reports for presenting and informing drivers of their performance.

However, one area of fleet management that receives less focus is how drivers perform away from the cabin of their truck. Whether they’ve reached their destination or are taking a break, drivers still need an efficient and reliable system with intuitive, easy-to-use technology that can facilitate their activities outside the cabin.

TX-FLEX from WABCO offers an effective solution to this problem. A mobile add on to the TX-SKY and/or the TX-GO 2 on-board computers, this solution ensures that driver assistance and data collection don’t need to stop when they hop out of the truck. It can be used on tablets, smartphones or rugged PDAs, allowing drivers to view and execute planning and perform out-of-cabin activities like barcode and document scanning, picture and document transfer, digital signatures and more.

Facilitate driver activity with TX-FLEX

On-board technology such as TX-SKY or TX-GO 2 is essential for modern truck drivers and fleet managers. Yet while these static units can track, analyse and store speed, fuel usage and mileage data from the actual vehicle, they can’t really assist the driver when they leave their truck or track data when the driver has left the cab.

Drivers using the mobile add-on TX-FLEX are supported by its technology, leaving them able to access and update information while on the move. This makes it easier to report and manage issues and problems on-the-go, while it also provides greater transparency for fleet managers, so they can consult step-by-step execution of planning by their drivers when required.

TX-FLEX can facilitate your drivers’ out-of-cabin activities in real time, enabling a synchronised flow of vehicle and driver information, presented in a simple and straightforward manner, allowing you the chance to analyse data and make impactful decisions more easily.

How does TX-FLEX work?

TX-FLEX is a mobile add-on used in conjunction with either a TX-SKY or TX-GO 2 on-board computer. The app is designed for Android devices and uses an open app architecture that allows third party and customised apps to be integrated while retaining the same consistent user interface. It assists your drivers in their required duties outside of their cabin. These include barcode scanning, picture transferal, collecting and storing digital signatures and recording accurate pallet information on the go.

All data are synchronised with the main on-board computer via Bluetooth and immediately sent to the cloud-based TX-CONNECT back office platform for reference and additional processing. This allows the fleet manager to see real-time data on deliveries and driver activities even when they’re not in the truck.

TX-FLEX enables you to embrace advanced fleet management with mobile telematics. The main benefits of TX-FLEX include:

  • Ease of use – drivers will require little to no training to use the app.
  • Planning follow-up – real-time planning and execution information.
  • Registration of out-of-cabin activities – barcode and document scanning, picture and document transfer, digital signature and customer comments, pallet information and problem reporting.
  • Customisation (TX-FLEX API) – the advanced TX-FLEX integration possibilities also enable fleet managers to integrate additional apps and software, such as navigation software, digital CMR and truck and trailer inspection apps.
  • Synchronised flow of vehicle and driver information.

Does my fleet need TX-FLEX?

Providing drivers with technology like TX-FLEX allows drivers to enjoy much more flexibility and ensures they stay connected and functional even while they’re away from the truck. Drivers are able to plan and execute all necessary processes outside of their cabin quickly, efficiently and with total confidence. It also gives fleet managers greater visibility and insight into their activities.

Whatever the size of your fleet, TX-FLEX combines the advantages of a fixed solution with the portability of a mobile device for a simple and efficient option.

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