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Reviewing driver performance can help identify where eco-driving improvements can be made. Find out more about how TX-ECO can boost your fleet performance.

Inefficient operations are a fleet manager’s worst enemy, potentially leading to higher costs, lower profits and unhappy clients if not addressed. Inefficiencies in fleet operations come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from vehicles operating with low cargo loads and uneconomical driving styles, to poor route choice and fuel spoilage.

Being aware of the factors that influence efficient ways of working and striving to eradicate inefficiencies is a key part of any fleet management role. You not only need to maintain an efficient fleet on the road, but also ensure that all drivers and vehicles are performing as economically as possible.

This is a challenge that can be made significantly easier with the use of TX-ECO – an effective fleet management tool.

Identifying efficient drivers

To reduce costs, improve driver performance and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, it is vital that fleet managers incentivise getting it right, through recognising, retaining and rewarding good drivers. Improving safety and uptime benefits drivers too, especially in markets where downtime is not paid.

TX-ECO can help as it evaluates driver performance. This takes into account many parameters to map driving behaviour, including:

  • Average speed
  • Average fuel consumption
  • Excessive speed
  • High RPM
  • Coasting
  • Cruise control
  • Panic braking
  • Stops/100km
  • Braking/100km
  • Top speed fluctuations
  • Gearing in green zone
  • Red RPM
  • Idling
  • Retarder

From this information you can identify those driving economically and ecologically, as well as allowing you to easily identify where improvements need to be made. This allows you to address problems far more quickly, making decisions that have an impact on fleet efficiency.

As a fleet manager, one of the keys to finding efficiency lies with being able to spot the factors that separate good drivers from those who need to make improvements.

Good driving practices will include things like:

  • Prioritising safety above all else
  • Maintaining a steady speed where possible
  • Gradually slowing down, braking only when necessary
  • Being aware of the environmental impact of the vehicle

If your drivers are not displaying these good practices, it’s important that you are able to use data to spot the issues early, allowing you to address them and rectify.

A good fleet manager doesn’t give up on drivers who demonstrate poor habits, especially during times of driver scarcity when finding new drivers can be difficult. Provided they’re willing, weaker drivers can improve through monitoring, training, coaching, and development. They may have other strong skills as well.

How does TX-ECO work and benefit your fleet?

Anyone in charge of a commercial vehicle needs to drive with an awareness of the environment and engage in fuel-efficient practices wherever possible, to ensure they are as lean and green as possible.

TX-ECO works by analysing the truck’s CAN bus data. CAN (Controller Area Network) bus enables the communication between various ECUs (Electrical Control Units) and sensors. This data is then used to create objective measurements, dashboards and reports.

Some of the TX-ECO software modules (TX-ECO FUEL, PERFORMANCE and TRIP/MONITOR) integrate smoothly with WABCO’s reliable and effective back office platform TX-CONNECT. You can create a professional and personalised setup to chart your fleet’s eco-driving performance, so you can see where improvements need making. Training, specific eco parameters and targets can then be set.

The TX-ECO ASSISTANT module, which displays driving performance on the on-board computer in real time, works only on the driver interface to support their way of driving when on the go.

Fleet managers can use TX-ECO to improve their drivers, trucks and trailers in ways that include:

  • Reducing fuel consumption
  • Significantly decreasing CO² emissions
  • Accurate and relevant reports on your fleet’s ecological impact
  • Increasing driver and cargo safety
  • Lowering maintenance costs
  • Enhancing your organisation’s green image

If you’re seeking a single, flexible solution that can be personalised to assist in making your vehicles and drivers more economical and ecological, then invest TX-ECO for your fleet.

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