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Reduce downtime with the latest remote vehicle diagnostic system from WABCO – TX-DIAGNOSTIX. Discover how it saves your fleet maintenance time and costs.

Vehicle downtime can be a real thorn in a fleet and workshop manager’s side. Having trucks and trailers off the road being repaired is not only expensive, it can also adversely affect the supply chain, customer satisfaction and take up precious time. It has been estimated that having a vehicle off the road can potentially cost a fleet an average of €1,100 a day.[1].

One effective way to increase uptime across your fleet is being on top of the health of your vehicles at all times. Doing so allows you to schedule preventative maintenance and deal with issues before they become problems, saving time and money down the line. All of this is possible with the right solutions in place, which is where TX-DIAGNOSTIX can help.

TX-DIAGNOSTIX vehicle health data

TX-DIAGNOSTIX takes all the guess work out of tending to your fleet, enabling full visibility over the health of your trucks. This ensures there are no unplanned visits to the workshop – instead you are able to identify issues remotely and plan in any required maintenance in advance.

TX-DIAGNOSTIX is a remote commercial vehicle diagnostic programme that works with any European truck brand, making installing it a seamless process. It works by detecting faults or upcoming maintenance needs and notifying fleet managers of the underlying cause of the issue, as well as suggesting hints to speed up the repair process.

The solution is fully integrated into the TX-CONNECT back-office platform, so while you are stationed at headquarters, you’ll receive live notifications of any potential issues with trucks. This leaves you in a strong position to start scheduling maintenance at a time that suits you and re-assign other vehicles to that route, reducing delays and minimising downtime.

The fully integrated system won’t just lessen unplanned downtime for vehicles, but also help you with planning, meaning that precious routes and customers are still getting the service they require.


The system works by performing a thorough, ongoing remote health check of all the major vehicle functions. Depending upon the vehicle brand, model and year of construction, these include:

  • Power train and seat
  • Gearboxes
  • Clutches
  • Steering wheel electronics
  • Braking system
  • Suspension
  • Chassis
  • Ignition
  • Locking system
  • Air bag
  • Articulation system
  • Communication interface
  • And more

Performance of all these functions are analysed and the data is presented in a clear, single view, so you can see any issues in real time on a remote screen.

Through integration with TX-CONNECT, the back-office web-based solution gathers and displays all the information from your fleet of connected vehicles. With this level of connectivity, you can make quick, agile decisions more easily. If one of your vehicles develops a fault, TX-DIAGNOSTIX will flag it, suggest a remedy and you will be able to respond immediately by re-routing it to a nearby workshop for running repairs, or schedule it for later if it can wait. It’s all about using the data to make flexible decisions that have a positive impact.

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