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Manage fleet performance efficiently with real-time insights from the TX-CONNECT back office solution. Control all your fleet activities from one place.

Maintaining and effectively managing a fleet of vehicles in the most cost-effective way, regardless of size, is a challenging and demanding job for fleet managers, planners and dispatchers. There are a litany of challenges that come into play every day including:

  • Delays caused by congestion and roadworks
  • High and fluctuating fuel prices
  • Complex and changing legislation that affects driving and resting times
  • Demanding customers and satisfaction levels
  • Driver performance
  • Maintenance and repairs leading to vehicle downtime
  • Tight profit margins
  • Business image and reputation

Information such as being aware of where every vehicle is, who it is being driven by, its cargo load and anticipated arrival times – to ensure service is on track – is required to successfully deal with these challenges. With so many factors to consider to ensure your fleet is leaner, greener and safer, it’s important to have all the support you need.

That’s where TX-CONNECT from WABCO comes into play. A web-based back-office solution, TX-CONNECT manages and displays data from trucks, drivers, trailers and business partners to allow you to effectively manage your fleet in real time.

TX-CONNECT’s benefits begin with its ability to present you with a clear and concise visualisation of the activities of every driver you have on the road. From before they depart to the minute they arrive at their destination, Data is collected about the driver, truck and trailer pre-departure, on the road and for out of cab activities after arrival. It also allows you to interact with and direct drivers.

The centre of all your fleet activities – receive real-time insights with the TX-CONNECT back office solution

Real-time fleet information

TX-CONNECT is a sophisticated system that uses data to enable better management of your fleet in real time. It is the ideal way of managing the flood of data to create real-time reports and provide insights into your fleet – making it the central hub of your operation for everything from routes to refuelling.

Across all this data, you’ll be able to easily monitor every aspect of your fleet, avoiding costly problems in advance and rectifying any issues before they have a significant impact.

How does TX-CONNECT work?

TX-CONNECT works by integrating directly with the on-board telematics computer connected to your trucks (TX-SKY or TX-GO 2) and trailers (TX-TRAILERGUARD, TX-TRAILERPULSE and TX-GEO). It can also integrate with third-party software so you don’t need to switch between applications. By doing so, it can collate all the data you need to gain a big picture outlook on your fleet’s performance. This allows you to advise drivers and make other key decisions without delay, to improve arrival times, fuel efficiency and cut costs.

As a web-based platform, you can access the data you need to manage your fleet anywhere, anytime. With one interface, TX-CONNECT allows you to:

  • Track truck and trailer positions to react to planning changes and make smart decisions on future assignments.
  • Track real-time and historic data on trucks and trailers to see which trucks are towing which trailers and how efficient these pairings are.
  • View trailer temperature zones and chart the costs.
  • Keep up with health and safety legislation by checking drivers’ and co-drivers’ activities and verify their driving, resting and service times.
  • Exchange text messages with drivers to check on their status, discuss planning and assignment changes and report any anomalies.
  • Interact with non-native drivers through automatic translation.
  • Plan trips and routes and send direct to vehicles for more effective forward planning, as well as tailoring routes and arrival times to partners’ needs.


A wide range of data is stored by TX-CONNECT, including:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Driver activity
  • Temperatures (refrigerated transport)
  • Refuelling
  • Distances
  • Allowances
  • Service times
  • Driving behaviour
  • Border crossings
  • Pallets
  • Cargo status

You can quickly access any and all of this information to create reports and analyse relevant data whenever you need to.

Easy access from one platform

TX-CONNECT works to form the communications and information hub of your fleet operation. It constantly records and stores a vast range of useful data, allowing you to concentrate on managing the fleet by accessing and using just the information you need, when you need it.

It’s a powerful tool designed to link with other WABCO solutions seamlessly, so you can build a comprehensive system that covers the precise needs of your fleet operation.

TX-CONNECT manages and displays real-time information from trucks, drivers, trailers and business partners.


TX-CONNECT MP is a multiplatform version that offers the same main functions and features of TX-CONNECT. It can be used on your computer, smartphone and tablet, providing a flexible way to view the positions and activities of your fleet wherever you are. This makes it easy to benefit from all the same features of TX-CONNECT when sat at your desk, in a meeting or out on the road, whatever platform you are using.

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