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Learn how TRAXEE can make life easier for any fleet manager. Automate and digitise your fleet’s operations to make for a smoother and simpler performance.

Keeping a full fleet of vehicles functional and on the road can be a juggling act at times. Whether you have a fleet of ten or 100 trucks, tracking their activities and planning their next tasks can be made a lot simpler with the assistance of an effective digital fleet management system.

The requirements for fleet managers may be different and can vary from needing large levels of customisation to deal with specific requirements, to simply wanting an FMS that displays your drivers’ existing positions and route calculations.

Whatever the type of your fleet, you need a platform that provides all the functionality of fleet telematics. That’s where the TRAXEE fleet management solution comes in. Specifically designed to be cost-effective and simple without any unnecessary extras, it allows you to get premium quality digital fleet technology at an affordable price.

What is TRAXEE?

TRAXEE is a digital fleet management tool that provides all the features you need – and none of the fancy extras you don’t. It allows you to automate and digitise your fleet processes in a way that simplifies and improves the overall performance and efficiency of your business.

This innovative but simple fleet management system can revolutionise how your fleet is run. The user-friendly platform can guide even newcomers simply through the process of fleet management, from tracking vehicles to ensuring drivers comply with regulations.

Installing TRAXEE can be done via the certified installation network or by using the detailed manual yourself. A telematics device is first fitted to the truck, which links to the dedicated web application, collecting and processing all the data you need to make the right decisions for your fleet. The web application means you can access all of that data anywhere, anytime – whether that’s via a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

TRAXEE tracks, displays and records all the vital data of your fleet operation, including:

  • Individual drivers’ and truck positions
  • Remaining driving and resting times
  • Hosted remote data download – taking care of driver and vehicle tacho files
  • Historical routes used to improve efficiency and timeliness
  • User-to-user communication – enabling text messaging between drivers, dispatchers and fleet managers to drivers
  • Driving style and fuel economy analysis
  • Truck route calculation (maps take into account bridge/tunnel height), including projected timing and EU toll costs
  • Your own geozone parameters and boundaries
  • Alarm centre
  • Run reports such as distance and tacho reports

It’s multi-lingual, making it a quick and effective tool for fleets employing non-native drivers, enabling them to use the driver app comfortably. You can allow drivers to access the information too, giving them the information they need to make impactful decisions. For administrative peace-of-mind, you can set TRAXEE to warn of upcoming problems, so you can tackle challenges before they occur.

How will TRAXEE help my fleet?

TRAXEE has been designed specifically to be a powerful yet cost-efficient solution to digital fleet management. Controlling every aspect of your transport operation means you will be able to maximise the effectiveness of your fleet easily.

Because TRAXEE is a sophisticated software system, it provides you with a comprehensive overview of driver activity, allowing control of whatever aspects are important to your unique operation.

You will be able to take digital control of parameters like:

  • Rest breaks and overnight stops in line with regulations
  • Tolls, charging areas and border crossings to control costs
  • Monitoring individual and group fuel efficiency to ensure your organisation saves money

All records of routes, messages and timings are stored to create your own data archive. This record can easily be analysed to find ways of making your processes more efficient in the future.

The TRAXEE system is more than just a way of checking where all trucks are at any time. It’s the easiest way to use the latest digital technology of telematics and data to revolutionise your control systems. This is the best way to future-proof your fleet management.

Discover more about how TRAXEE can help all aspects of your fleet management operation.