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Managing any Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) fleet effectively requires every process to run as smoothly as possible. You need a good overview of your operations to ensure your business meets its targets and works as efficiently as possible, as well as identifying any opportunities where you can cut costs.

From managing fuel efficiency to knowing where each vehicle is and how well it is performing, there’s a lot to keep on top of. Bring together different elements of LCV fleet management for a complete understanding of your workings to enhance your business performance, with LCV Solutions.

LCV Solutions for fleets

Our LCV Solutions are a group of hardware, software and services specifically designed to allow fleet managers to effectively and efficiently manage LCV fleets. It introduces new features that focus on LCV-specific challenges such as one-minute positioning, automatic start/stop registrations and route optimisation.

By bringing together different elements of fleet management, our LCV Solutions help you make light work of a complex task. Whatever its size, you can manage the various strands of your LCV fleet from one central platform to save flicking between different programmes and data sets.

From regular tasks like fuel management to help reduce your spend, to route optimisation programmes that get your vehicles where they need to be in the quickest time possible, LCV Solutions help you manage a variety of challenges in one space.

LCV Solutions helps support the various needs of fleet managers by connecting a variety of systems, software and hardware.

How do LCV Solutions work?

LCV Solutions helps support the various needs of fleet managers by connecting a variety of systems, software and hardware. Combine the analysis of your vehicles and drivers to make identifying areas for improvement simpler, so you meet your business and fleet targets with ease.

It uses the power of some existing features and products for truck telematics, including:

  • TX-CONNECT – Control all your fleet activities with this one back-office solution.
  • TX-TANGO – Link transport enterprise applications to your fleet management solutions.
  • TX-FLEX – Facilitate out-of-cabin activities for drivers.

Further features add an extra layer of depth to your LCV fleet management by tackling some of the most prevalent LCV-specific challenges. These include:

  • One-minute positioning
  • Automatic start/stop registrations
  • EN12830 certified temperature sensors
  • Route optimization software
  • An OBD-dongle “TX-LIGHT”
  • The direct CANBus interface “CANGO”

Features of LCV Solutions

The LCV Solutions packages form a one-stop solution, providing fleet managers with a full view of vehicles and drivers in one comprehensive platform. In doing so, managers have access to all the data they need to make more informed decisions to suit business and fleet needs.

Key features of LCV solutions:

  • CANGO direct CANbus interface – allowing you to quickly and easily access vehicle data from across your LCV fleet.
  • Automatic registration of start/stop activities based on geofencing – save time, prevent wring entries, streamline administration and give better guidance to driver while making registrations.
  • TX-FLEX “Basic” – discover a subset of TX-FLEX that still maintains key fleet management benefits.
  • Route optimisation software – help your drivers get their cargo where it needs to be quicker and by taking a more fuel-efficient route.

By combining all the different elements of fleet management, LCV Solutions makes it easier to meet your targets and improve the efficiency, safety and productivity of your LCV fleet.

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