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Digital fleet management systems like TRAXEE are transforming the logistics and transport industries. Discover the key features and benefits of TRAXEE.

For any fleet manager or business owner, one of the biggest daily challenges is ensuring the optimal performance of both drivers and vehicles, so that they are running efficiently to survive and thrive in a competitive market. Maximising efficiency while keeping costs to a minimum can be difficult for many reasons, from the changing costs of fuel to vehicle downtime and driver inefficiencies.

Whatever the type of your fleet, you need a platform that provides all the functionality of fleet telematics. Its main functions are to:

  • Track vehicle positions and movement
  • Provide historical route data for analysis and future planning
  • Provide information on ecological driving and fuel efficiency
  • Deliver other information around tacho, driving and resting times

Online fleet management software has developed greatly in recent years. Used in connection with high quality telematics devices, these solutions are designed with the end user in mind, helping to simplify tasks, save time and generally make the job more manageable and easier to handle. Plus, they allow you to gain detailed insights into your fleet’s performance, allowing you to make better decisions in a much more efficient way.

TRAXEE from WABCO is a fleet management assistant designed to make your fleet leaner, greener and safer. In order to do this it has a wide range of features that can be used effectively to optimise your fleet efficiency.

TRAXEE has been designed specifically to be a powerful yet cost-efficient solution to digital fleet management.

Does my fleet need TRAXEE?

TRAXEE is ideal for your fleet if you’re looking to:

  • Run a small to medium-sized fleet
  • Work across different countries and regions
  • Keep track of driver tacho times
  • Increase your fleet management efficiency

Its multi-language feature improves communication across the fleet and reduces problems caused by messages being lost in translation. Fleets of all sizes now employ drivers across different countries, mainly to deal with issues such as driver scarcity and cost, which can help them remain competitive.

TRAXEE can also help improve your financial transparency. Budgets are a concern for any fleet manager, but with its subscription model, you are afforded better control of your outgoings too. Monthly payments start from €22 per vehicle or €240 for a full year, providing a cost-effective option for varying fleet sizes.

The TRAXEE digital fleet management system can help your fleet in a number of ways:

  • Save time by having a complete digital overview in one place
  • Cut fuel costs with the ECO driving style analysis
  • Improve driver safety thanks to tacho, remaining driving and resting times data
  • Increase productivity by removing many manual processes
  • Measure improvements by statistical analysis through historical routes, tacho times information and advanced reports

Improve management efficiencies with the TRAXEE fleet management system, built around these important features.

Key features for fleet managers

There are certain essential features every fleet manager requires from an online fleet management system to make their job easier. These have all been factored into TRAXEE and include:

Fleet position and status

Knowing the location of your trucks and drivers and being able to regularly communicate is vital for efficient fleet management. Clear and accurate positional updates allow you to track delivery times, anticipate issues, plan for eventualities and mark up alternative routes if necessary to avoid delays.

Tacho times

TRAXEE monitors driving and resting periods to ensure your drivers are adhering to the legal requirements around driving time and rest stops, which will help you avoid unnecessary fines. Remote data downloads (RDD) also automatically stores and archives all driver cards and tachograph data for compliance. Plus, it can generate preventative alarms to stop any violations before they happen. This can give you greater peace of mind that all your drivers are acting legally and safely on the road.

Optimal routes

Toll costs, traffic, low bridges and roadworks can all contribute to holding up your drivers, delaying deliveries and increasing business expenses. The truck-friendly route calculation feature finds the optimal routes to help you avoid these issues early doors, making sure your trucks don’t waste time and fuel having to manually reroute or turn back. Efficient and time-saving routes can be planned in advance or on-the-go.

ECO driving analysis

A fleet’s costs, environmental impact and fuel efficiency need to be constantly tracked and analysed to ensure consistent improvement. The ECO driving style analysis feature provides detailed insights into the fuel efficiency of your drivers and trucks. This can highlight areas for improvement, including showing where additional eco-driving training is required, as well as evidencing where your decisions and changes have been impactful and beneficial.

Driver interaction

To be as efficient as possible, it’s important to have a constant line of communication with your drivers, but this isn’t always straightforward. Talking while driving can be illegal, while pulling over to answer the phone can have an impact on efficiency, costing your business time and money. TRAXEE helps make your communication as slick as possible with an inbuilt text messaging function that enables fleet managers to contact all drivers quickly, safely and directly, relaying important messages throughout their journey.

How does TRAXEE work?

The TRAXEE on-board unit can be easily hooked up to any vehicle’s 12V or 24V battery and its digital tachograph. This starts collecting data and providing information to the TRAXEE application, which is accessible from any PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or app-enabled and internet-ready handheld device.

The tech is simple to install, run and use and can all be fitted by a trained mechanic. Fitting can also be carried out by one of our certified installation partners for ensured security.

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